iCalcreator 2.22
calendar and property tests

Test the calendar method getProperty and the component method getProperty, using the "property" select box.

Clicking on any "more tests" button in the top result boxes will test
- the calendar method getComponent
- the calendar method selectComponents (format 2)
based on a specific property name and value. Here is also an opportunity to download the selection as an iCal file.

The "MAILTO"-prefix is removed in the display of "ATTENDEE" and "ORGANIZER" property values.

Test export to "vCard", using the iCal2vCard helper function, fetching information from "ATTENDEE", "CONTACT" and "ORGANIZER" properties, option "vCard_export" in the property select box.

Test also option "geoLocation" in the property select box, iCalcreator supporting ISO6709 "Standard representation of geographic point location by coordinates".

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