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kigkonsult offer professional services for software support, design and new/re-development, customizations and adaptations of PHP/MySQL solutions with focus on software lifecycle management, including long term utility, reliability and maintainability.

If you need any custom modules, modification or amendment based on iCalcreator to suit your needs or professional support, don't hesitate to contact us.

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iCalcreator and the related PHP software was conceived and written by Kjell-Inge Gustafsson.

Many people have contributed, through providing questions, issues, reporting bugs and sending patches.

iCalcreator (standard) and the related PHP software are released under the LGPL  /  GPL  /  CC licences.

This site uses:
jQuery TimepickerMIT/GPL
prototypeCC BY-SA

tinycal v3.2

tinycal is a small HTML calendar box, displaying calendar information from local and/or remote calendar files ( rfc5545/ rfc2445 ) or even urls, ex. Google calendar.

tinycal offers access to calendar information in month, week, day, list and component views and offers also ablility to download a (complete, part of or single event within) calendar file. tinycal is only 220px in width (configurable), "calendar-in-a-box"

tinycal displays "vevent" (default), "vtodo" or "vjournal" calendar component ' types except any (included) "valarm" components and supports recurring events (component properties rdate, rrule etc).

More than one tinycal box can be showed on the same page, showing contents from different sources.

tinycal (HTMl front end) is written completely in javascript and used in a HTML page as script-tags, using Ajax technology and a PHP Axaj backend.

tinycal v3.2 uses

For more information, read tinycal README.html.

Download tinycal here.


tinycal shows here four artificial calendar calendars, based on iCal files (recreated every 24h, using the tiCalFile package) with 60 events, starting today and the coming ten days, each day with five events, including some recurrent events.

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