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  • ESS Feed
  • Exponent CMS
  • EQDKP Plus
  • GCalendar
  • GLPI
  • Gumbo Millennium
  • Hypecal
  • iCal
  • JCal Pro
  • kitEvent
  • luryevents
  • MarkupiCalendar
  • One Big SYSTem
  • Open Atrium
  • Repository based CMS
  • sfiCalCreatorPlugin
  • Telaen
  • terncal
  • twical
  • Virtual Loup-De-Mer
  • "Weather Forecast"
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iCalcreator and the related PHP software was conceived and written by Kjell-Inge Gustafsson.

Many people have contributed, through providing questions, issues, reporting bugs and sending patches.

iCalcreator (standard) and the related PHP software are released under the LGPL  /  GPL  /  CC licences.

This site uses:
jQuery TimepickerMIT/GPL
prototypeCC BY-SA


kigkonsult offer professional services for software support, design and new/re-development, customizations and adaptations of PHP/MySQL solutions with focus on software lifecycle management, including long term utility, reliability and maintainability.

If you need any custom modules, modification or amendment based on iCalcreator to suit your needs or professional support, don't hesitate to contact us.


iCalcreator is the PHP class package managing rfc5545 iCal files, supporting (non-)calendar systems and applications to process and communicate calendar information like events, agendas, tasks, reports, totos and journaling information.

iCalcreator features create, parse, edit and select calendar and calendar components.

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 UrlRsrc - fetch an URL (file) resource content
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the PHP code generation support package


  • PHP class / interface / trait code
  • docBlocks
  • function/method frame (shell) code
  • code for single or chained function/method invoke(s)
  • define variable property/variable/constant code
  • code for variable/property value assign
  • code for function/method return clause
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Kigkonsult\Http\Message package provide PSR server-side

Message class
  • Psr\Http\Message\MessageInterface
Stream class
  • Psr\Http\Message\StreamInterface
(static) factory methods
  • factoryFromString
  • factoryFromResource
Response class
  • Psr\Http\Message\ResponseInterface
  • Fig\Http\Message\StatusCodeInterface
added property:
  • rawBody
    - response body (type mixed) before serialization/encoding
with methods:
  • getRawBody()
  • withRawBody()
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ipTools is a PHP IP number utility toolbox.

"Don't thrust an IP address... ", but sometime you have to deal with them..

Provides IP v4/v6
validation: IP in IP/network(CIDR) ranges
and util services:
is valid IP,
expand/compress IP number
IP number to binary and reverse
netmask/cidr etc
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imageHandler is a PHP (gd) back end class package managing

crop region, resize, adapt size and convert
of bmp, jpg, gif, png, xbmp and xbm image types

with preserved proportions
and (for gif/png) transparency.

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LoggerDepot is a depot for PHP application/software loggers
making loggers available on demand.

Each logger is identified by a unique and fixed (type case-sensitive string ) key and set and retrieved using the key.

You can use namespace as key (ex __NAMESPACE__) setting up loggers and invoke the logger using (qualified namespaced) class names (ex `get_class()`) in the namespace tree.

It is possible to combine fixed key and "namespace" loggers in the depot.

You may also use different keys for the same logger as well as set a logger as a fallback logger.

Invoking of a logger is as easy as LoggerDepot::getLogger( <key> ).

The construction makes it possible to supervise loggers for separate parts (functions, modules, components etc) of your software.

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HookMgr manages PHP hooks

This class can register and invoke hook callback functions.

It can create a hook with a given name and register one or more actions to be executed by specifying functions to be called.

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MesQ is a PHP lite disk based message queue manager

  • Assemple and queue (un-)frequently (incoming) messages
  • process once or scheduled

MesQ supports FIFO, LIFO and PRIOrity message queues

Message can be any of scalar, array or object types

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PHP SDK of XML Digital Signature recomendation
based on the XSD schema.

and provide

with getters and setters, no other logic
XML parse into dto(s)
XML write of dto(s)
logic aid support
convenient salt, base64, hex, pack etc unility methods
message digest support
message hmac digest support
encryption/decryption support
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Asit manages collections of elements stored in arrays.

It provides a base class that stores values in an array with functions that implement the iterator seekable and countable PHP interface operations.

The package also provides sub-classes that implement more specialized collection types that provide additional possibilities:

  • Collection values can only be of a single type.
  • Collection that use the keys as unique primary keys for finding elements by key value. Primary keys are replaceable.
  • Collections that use more than one key unique primary keys for finding elements by key value.
  • Collections that can have tags, non-unique (secondary) keys, for finding elements by tag value.
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provides object-oriented, secure and extended access to PHP OpenSSL functions
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Gectrl is a PHP generic controller class package

  • Supports the MVC software design pattern
  • Distinguish controller and application logic using a strategy pattern
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The iCalExport Plugin adds calendar export capabilities to Mantis Bug Tracker.

The iCalExport Plugin export selected Mantis Bug Tracker bug reports as calendar tasks (i.e. TODOs) in a iCal media file (extension .ics) for import to a public calendar (ex. Google) or a private calendar in a PC, pad or smartphone.

The plugin uses the iCalcreator class package for the iCal "hard stuff".

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restServer provides

  • a PSR HTTP message rest server
  • builtin ip, cors, auth, serializing and decoding mgnt
  • API for your application

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iCalcnv is a PHP utility package containing functions for converting remote or local iCal files to xls and csv format and from csv format to iCal.

Default is to redirect output to browser with option to save to disk.

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tiCalFile is a PHP utility for creating iCal (RFC2445) event calendar TEST file(-s), a utilization of the iCalcreator class.

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ical2essfeed is an iCalcreator extension class and converts iCal (rfc5545) to ESS Feed, using the iCalcreator library for the the iCal issues and the php-ess library for the ESS Feed part.

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rsscalCreator is a PHP class that implements the rsscal (RDF) specification of iCal, RFC2445. Only the calendar event component is implemented.

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tinycal is a small HTML calendar box, able to display calendar information from local or remote (protocol http:// alt. webcal://) calendar files.

tinycal displays calendar information in a month, week, day or component view, only 220px in width (configurable), "calendar-in-a-box".

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An iCal file event HTML form editor.

eventCreator can be executed standalone, included or as a popup window.

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dbiCal is a PHP database backend solution storing (multiple) iCal calendar files in a database using pear MDB2 as database API and iCalcreator 2.8 as the API for calendar information.

dbiCal may very well fit as a caldav calendar database back end.

The package supports
- inserting calendar files into database
- fetching information about stored calendar files in the database
- selecting a calendar from database
- deleting a calendar in database

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eClog is a simple file PHP log class emulating PEAR_LOG and using PEAR_LOG constants.

To be used when a simple log class is sufficient or, e.g. in an environment where PEAR_LOG cannot be used.

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A mysql (5.x) log database able to log events in a single or multi system/application environment. Written completely as mysql stored procedures with a secure simple log interface using direct access to database or via a web/SOAP service.

sLog logs application and system events, tracking user, client, application, application module, operation, date and time and event/log specifics

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The PHP software was conceived
and written by Kjell-Inge Gustafsson.
Many people have contributed,
hrough providing questions, issues,
reporting bugs and sending patches.
The PHP software are released under the LGPL  /  GPL  /  CC licences. Terms and Conditions
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