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kigkonsult offer professional services for software support, design and new/re-development, customizations and adaptations of PHP/MySQL solutions with focus on software lifecycle management, including long term utility, reliability and maintainability.

If you need any custom modules, modification or amendment based on iCalcreator to suit your needs or professional support, don't hesitate to contact us.

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iCalcreator used in.. .

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  • albaven
  • All-in-One Event Calendar
  • Bugscope
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  • Dokeos
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  • ESS Feed
  • Exponent CMS
  • EQDKP Plus
  • GCalendar
  • GLPI
  • Gumbo Millennium
  • Hypecal
  • iCal
  • iCalendar-to-Facebook-Event
  • JCal Pro
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  • terncal
  • twical
  • Virtual Loup-De-Mer
  • "Weather Forecast"
  • And many more.. .

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Credits & Licenses plus

iCalcreator and the related PHP software was conceived and written by Kjell-Inge Gustafsson.

Many people have contributed, through providing questions, issues, reporting bugs and sending patches.

iCalcreator (standard) and the related PHP software are released under the LGPL  /  GPL  /  CC licences.

This site uses:
jQuery TimepickerMIT/GPL
prototypeCC BY-SA


iCalcreator is a PHP class package managing iCal files, supporting (non-)calendar systems and applications to process and communicate calendar information like events, agendas, tasks, reports, totos and journaling information.

The iCalcreator package, built of a calendar class with support of a function class and helper functions, are calendar component property oriented.

iCalcreator features create, parse, edit and select calendar and calendar components.

Knowledge of calendar and rfc5545/rfc2445 is necessary! All functions calls are made as simple as possible BUT (, !!!,) read these rfc properly as well as the iCalcreator user guide!

Check out below, how to use iCalcreator.

iCalcreator Standard

iCalcreator Standard is licensed under LGPL.

Please visit the Standard support page.

Click to download iCalcreator Standard manual only, included in the iCalcreator Standard download.

Click to download
iCalcreator Standard
for free!

iCalcreator Pro

iCalcreator PRO is designed for heavy duty, with up to 40% improved performance, strictly OO refactored and reworked, 80% recoded with robustness and maintainability in mind. The mature and well-established codebase is assured by six month of extensive and heavy testing.

iCalcreator PRO is targeted for companies, communities, media, associations and skillful developers/integrators!

Click to download iCalcreator PRO manual.

This is a one time purchase and not a subscription service, there are no monthly fees and includes one year of free upgrades and Premium support.

iCalcreator PRO

only 24 €
Read and accept the license

iCalcreator PRO extends iCalcreator Standard:

Howto summary

Explore iCal docs, tips&tricks, rfc and other iCal resources at the resource page!

At the iCalcreator test and explore pages, you can
- explore the potential of iCalcreator
- examine how to set and use iCal properties and major methods
- download code snippets

A short summary how to use iCalcreator: create, parse, edit, select and output, click on the plus to expand/minimize each section.

.. .
  // define (default) time zone
  // opt. "calendar" timezone
$tz     = "Europe/Stockholm";
  // set a (site) unique id
$config = array( "unique_id" => ""
               , "TZID"      => $tz );
  // create a new calendar instance
$v      = new vcalendar( $config );
.. .
  // all required of some calendar software
$v->setProperty( "method", "PUBLISH" );
$v->setProperty( "x-wr-calname", "Calendar Sample" );
$v->setProperty( "X-WR-CALDESC", "Calendar Description" );
$v->setProperty( "X-WR-TIMEZONE", $tz );
.. .
  // required of some calendar software
$xprops = array( "X-LIC-LOCATION" => $tz );
.. .
  // create timezone component(-s) opt. 1
  // based on present date
iCalUtilityFunctions::createTimezone( $v, $tz, $xprops );
.. .
  // create and update an event calendar component
  // property name - any case
$vevent = $v->newComponent( "vevent" );
$start  = array( "year"  => 2007,
                 "month" => 4,
                 "day"   => 1,
                 "hour"  => 19,
                 "min"   => 0,
                 "sec"   => 0 );
$vevent->setProperty( "dtstart", $start );
$end    = array( "year"  => 2007,
                 "month" => 4,
                 "day"   => 1,
                 "hour"  => 22,
                 "min"   => 30,
                 "sec"   => 0 );
$vevent->setProperty( "dtend",       $end );
$vevent->setProperty( "LOCATION",    "Central Placa" );
$vevent->setProperty( "summary",     "PHP summit" );
$vevent->setProperty( "description", "This is a description" );
$vevent->setProperty( "comment",     "This is a comment" );
$vevent->setProperty( "attendee",    "" );
.. .
  // create and update an event alarm
$valarm = $vevent->newComponent( "valarm" );
$valarm->setProperty("action", "DISPLAY" );
  // reuse the event description
$valarm->setProperty( "description",
                      $vevent->getProperty( "description" ));
.. .
  // create alarm trigger (in UTC datetime)
$d = sprintf( "%04d%02d%02d %02d%02d%02d", 2007, 3, 31, 15, 0, 0 );
iCalUtilityFunctions::transformDateTime( $d,
$valarm->setProperty( "trigger", $d );
.. .
  // create and update next event calendar component
$vevent = $v->newComponent( "vevent" );
  // alt. date format, now for an all-day event
$vevent->setProperty( "dtstart",     "20070401",
                                      array("VALUE" => "DATE"));
$vevent->setProperty( "organizer" ,  "" );
$vevent->setProperty( "summary",     "ALL-DAY event" );
$vevent->setProperty( "description", "A description for an all-day event" );
$vevent->setProperty( "resources",   "COMPUTER PROJECTOR" );
  // weekly, four occasions
$vevent->setProperty( "rrule",       array( "FREQ"  => "WEEKLY",
                                            "count" => 4 ));
  // support parse of strict rfc2445/rfc5545 text
$vevent->parse( "LOCATION:1CP Conference Room 4350" );
.. .
  // all calendar components are described in rfc5545
  // a complete method list in iCalcreator manual
.. .
  // create timezone component(-s) opt. 2
  // based on all start dates in events (i.e. dtstart)
iCalUtilityFunctions::createTimezone( $v, $tz, $xprops );
.. .
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iCalcreator used in.. .

AgenDAVAgenDAV is an open source CalDAV web client
albavenun Sistema Informático Abierto de Gestión Unificada para Unidades Educacionales
All-in-One Event CalendarCalendar Software for Everybody, a WordPress plugin
Bugscopefree interactive access to a scanning electron microscope (SEM)
Date iCala Drupal plugin
Dokeosan elearning and course management web application
event_connectan iCal import/export tool in lorea
ESS FeedESS: A XML Standard - ESS is The Events Feed
Exponent CMSa website content management system
EQDKP PlusThe Gamer CMS & DKP system
GCalendarconnects google calendars with your Joomla powered web site
GLPIan Information Resource-Manager
Gumbo MillenniumStudentenvereniging Gumbo Millennium
HypecalThere is always something going on
iCala Drupal suite of iCal integration modules
iCalendar-to-Facebook-Eventcreate facebook events from an iCalendar (iCal/ics) file
JCal Proan events calendar for Joomla
kitEventEvent manager and calendar for WebsiteBaker and LEPTON CMS
MarkupiCalendara Processwire module
One Big SYSTema Feng Office calendar module
Open Atriuma collaboration platform
Repository based CMSA CMS system based on the structure of the dokeos LCMS (2.0) code
sfiCalCreatorPlugina Symfony plugin
Telaena webmail interface
terncalthe WordPress Event System
twicaltakes a web calendar or ics file and tweets it "from you"
Virtual Loup-De-Mera web-based real-time Sailboat-routing simulation
"Weather Forecast" a UK ‘Weather Forecast’ PHP Calendar Service

And many, many more.. ..look especially at Ohloh Code.

Please use the contact page if you would like to

  • report your site / application / module / plugin as a new entry in the list
  • report a dead link
  • tell us what iCalcreator is missing!!

Create/edit/show iCal files

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You can test iCalcreator online and create iCal test files on-the-fly, using tiCalFile, example of how to employ iCalcreator in software development.

An example how to present and display iCal calendar file information, tinycal, using iCalcreator class in the server back end software.


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The PHP software was conceived
and written by Kjell-Inge Gustafsson.
Many people have contributed,
hrough providing questions, issues,
reporting bugs and sending patches.
The PHP software are released under the LGPL  /  GPL  /  CC licences. Terms and Conditions
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