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iCalcreator and the related PHP software was conceived and written by Kjell-Inge Gustafsson.

Many people have contributed, through providing questions, issues, reporting bugs and sending patches.

iCalcreator (standard) and the related PHP software are released under the LGPL  /  GPL  /  CC licences.

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rest services made easy

restServer provides


To install with composer:

composer require kigkonsult/restserver

Requires PHP 5.6, 7.*


Example usage:


require "/path/to/vendor/autoload.php";

// Implement an application rest service operation entry
// (or any callable with the same interface)
$callback = function(
    ServerRequestInterface $request,
    ResponseInterface      $response
) {
    return $response->withRawBody( [ "Hello" => "world" ] );

// Set up the rest service definition (method, uri and callback)
$restGetServiceDef = [
    RestServer::METHOD   => RequestMethodHandler::METHOD_GET,
    RestServer::URI      => "/",
    RestServer::CALLBACK => $callback

// Attach the service definition(s) and fire of the server
RestServer::factory()->attachRestService( $restGetServiceDef )->run();

More example usage:


require '/path/to/vendor/autoload.php';

$RestServer = new RestServer();

$attachRestServiceCallback = $RestServer->getAttachRestServiceCallback();

class ApplicationClass2
    public function registerAsRestService(
    ) {
            [$this, 'action']

    public function action(
        ServerRequestInterface $request,
        ResponseInterface      $response
    ) {
        return $response->withRawBody( ['msg' => 'Hello world'] );

$ApplicationClass2 = new ApplicationClass2();
$ApplicationClass2->registerAsRestService( $attachRestServiceCallback );


Rest service definition

You have to implement one or more rest service entries for your application logic. Each entry with one or more http request methods and a (single) uri (ex "/"), form a service definition. The service definitions, attached to restServer, are interfaces to your application logic.


restServer have builtin handlers managing IPnumber validation, Cross-Origin Resource Sharing, authentication, messages serializing and en-/decoding. As well as rest service definitions, you can attach custom request message handler(s), invoked before any operation callback. Also a custom (single) final handler can be attached, invoked after response is returned.


In the restServer package docs folder are found

For restServer issues, use github issues. Due to the restServer development status (ver 0.9.123), review reports are appreciated!

Credits and base software information

Built status

Dev 0.9.123


Click to get restServer
from github - at packagist
The PHP software was conceived
and written by Kjell-Inge Gustafsson.
Many people have contributed,
hrough providing questions, issues,
reporting bugs and sending patches.
The PHP software are released under the LGPL  /  GPL  /  CC licences. Terms and Conditions
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